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 The following has been sitting for public comment on the rules/int list
since the sixth of May. The full text may obviously be viewed there
along with the huge amount of public comment on it, which is too long to
list here, as there clearly is not enough band width to carry it all. I
believe the author and I both support the motion. I call for the vote to
be in one week as per 3 A

       > Suggestion for a rules line:

       > 1 A Popular Motion is a text to be balloted by the DNSO GA that
is supported
       >    by at least 5% of the GA Voters, or 15 people, whichever is
the smaller.

       > 2 A Popular Motion shall be presented in the form of a message
to the GA
       >    list carrying the complete text of the Motion, the names of
the supporting
       >    GA members, and a request for the Motion to be balloted.

       > 3 A Popular Motion shall be put to a vote within a week of its
       >    presentation to the General Assembly, unless conditions
below happen.

       > 4 Putting a Popular Motion to the vote may be delayed until a
week after
       >    the end of the vote on another Popular Motion.

       > 5 A Popular Motion may be removed before balloting in the case
       >    A - The declaration of at least 2 of the listed Supporters
that they do not
       >    support the Popular Motion
       >    B - A Popular Motion with a greater number of supporters,
asking that the
       >    first Popular Motion be dismissed. Neither will then be put
to a vote.

       > Discussion:

       > - Rule 1 should be easy. The numbers are rather arbitrary.
       > - Rule 2 is intended to avoid someone claiming "popular motion"
based on a
       >    series of "me too" messages. He actually has to list the
names (and under
       >    rule 5 A, give those names the right to kill the notion).
       > - Rule 3 should allow the secretariat enough time to do the
       > - Rule 4 is intended to avoid exhaustion by a group of 15
people proposing
       >    tens of motions at the same time.
       > - Rule 5 A is intended to allow supporters to kill a motion if
they decide
       >    it's better not to do it after all.
       > - Rule 5 B is intended to allow a deeply divided GA (if it
occurs) to avoid
       >    a situation where 2-3 groups spit motions at each other
       >    none of which have a chance of passing.

I can not figure out if I need to get 15 people to propose this motion
which will require us to get 15 people in the future.


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