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[ga] Re: SMEs

Thank you to many,

I have already recieved great input from many of the usual helpful suspects.

Distinctions within and without groups is a very important topic, from the TLDA to the formation of an IDNH.  Capture is important to avoid and inclusion is every groups life blood.

As Mr. Younger was recently chastized for writing regarding matters involving the GA, now Mr. Morfin is called to answer for advocating something which may be antogonistic toward a membership he holds. As Mr. Corliss is on the board of the TLDA and also our Alt-Chair, Karl works for a company which may benefit from BoD decisions. These are tough issues.

We must live by the concept that we route around problems, where others see walls we see momentary diversions, a chance to excel. Mr. Sheppard has brought forth a valid point, but not one to take offense at or to be angry with Mr. Morfin about.

I believe Joop may have great experience in resolving this type of problem, clearly Corliss can offer helpful insight.  This is the GA and we must maintain its' integrity to allow members from each group to speak their mind and have their say.


Philip Sheppard wrote:

Erik, you wrote:"Would you be so benevolent and kind as to provide us humble and unsophisticated folks with some URLS and maybe some link type stuff so we know what the heck you are talking
about." The link type stuff is:[ga] Motion - Small and Medium e-Entreprise Constituency - Acknowldegement for a Study of 20 May which I had hoped was not entirely obscured by my opening phrase  "Jefsey, I have seen your proposal for an SME constituency sent to the GA. " (Though admittedly this was 52 archived postings ago.) The link type stuff relevant to the Business Constituency (today's home for SMEs)  is:  www.bcdnso.org Philip   

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