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RE: [ga] Conflicts of Interest

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|> Although I have zero official capacity, this works for me. More than you
|> ever wanted to know about me is at http://cerebalaw.com/biog.htm, and
|> you must admire my pretty horse. (Shortly thereafter, she was trying to
|> steal the pens out of my pocket!)

From the little bit seen, not a bad horse :).

What I was thinking about with my question was whether a policy should be
recommended to the NC for consideration that any Official of the DNSO
(including the GA and Constituencies) be required to submit a declaration
for conflict of interest and maintain those declarations so they are up to
date.  As Patrick Corliss has pointed out, this would be better discussed
in the GA-INT list and I will move it over there.

Such a policy may stop some allegations of improprietry.

It may be appropriate for all persons participating to declare their
interests but I feel that would be overkill and unproductive.

Darryl (Dassa) Lynch.

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