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RE: [ga] VeriSign May Ditch Domain Deal

> From: William S. Lovell [mailto:wsl@cerebalaw.com]
> Sent: Saturday, May 19, 2001 10:21 AM

> One of these is the "one-stop-shopping" mentality.  "If it is 
> known that
> Company X is going to be the registry for your domain name, why go
> elsewhere for anything?"

I confess, this is exactly why MHSC domains are still with NSI. My last
experience was rather pleasant, I paid the tariff and they performed the

> Another is the recent Verisign/ICANN
> agreement -- the whole thing has been publicized so much that whole
> world will get the sense that "Verisign is where the action 
> is," and "if I want something I'd better go to them."

It might get investors to buy into their stock offering more. But, I really
wonder if it is doing anything to their (already huge) market-share.
Remember, they [still] have 100% of COM/NET/ORG and they have an excellent
channel market distribution system. Discussions about market share, between
channel-market partners (registrars), are not constructive or germaine.

BTW, new TLDs that sub-contract with the NSI registry are also
non-competitive. This is mere window-dressing, like the registrar system.
What the Internet needs are multiple registries, of all sizes. The new TLDs
were supposed to do this, but the ICANN didn't make this distinction in the
process, last November. IMHO, it should have.

Maybe, what the ICANN needs is to define what a root level registry is, how
it operates, and what the policies are, first? I hate to appear to be
pounding the same drum here. But, had this been in place before November, we
might have a better defense for 1) the selection that were made, 2) the
selection process itself, and 3) a clearer road to implementation of the
[ICANN] business objectives. Such suggestions were made
<http://www.dnso.net/mhsc-tld.htm>, but ICANN seems to prefer stumbling
about in the dark.

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Morgan Hill Software Company, Inc.
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