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Re: [ga] VeriSign May Ditch Domain Deal

Dear DPF,
I am afraid that you confuse the issues. :-)

On 08:24 19/05/01, DPF said:
>Was not one of the new gTLD applications turned down because it did
>not have a registry/registrar split?

This is to foster competition. The target of the new gTLD is
to offer a proof of concept.

Since NSI has no Register/Registrar split, competition
should, offering the proof that you develop better in this
business with a split.

What would then be the use of a project copying NSI?
iCANN already explain at length why they did not need
.web since they had .info.

Now we know the no split model works, we urgently need
to check the split model works too. Look even Afillias will
have a split.

Competition is competition: iCANN must look in every
such subtle tiny details ... it is very complex.

Chuck established a parallel point about the "no split no
problem" issue. When you think of it a split is nothing:
show me a split: it is a void. So how could you logically
show that nothing can make a difference?

tss, tss, Dear DPF, you still have to work hard before
you understand how the iCANN thinking works.


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