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Re: [ga] VeriSign May Ditch Domain Deal

On Fri, 18 May 2001 08:55:43 -0700, Mike Roberts wrote:
>At 21:03 +0000 5/17/01, Roberto Gaetano wrote:

>>This is a situation that cannot continue in the future. 
>>Technological change, commercial/technical solutions, and what else, 
>>can be put in place by Verisign-the-Registry after consultation (or 
>>at least full awareness) of Verisign-the-Registrar, and here lies 
>>the competitive advantage. This is why vertical integration has been 
>>a no-no since the early days (as Director Kraaijenbrink put well in 
>Roberto -  There are many TLDs with no separation between registry 
>and registrar(s). There would be a great uproar around the world if 
>ICANN even attempted to adopt a consensus policy that TLD registries 
>could not include the registrar function.

Are we talking gTLDs or ccTLDs?  ICANN at present has no power to
adopt policies affecting ccTLDs.  If we are talking gTLDs then is it
not the case that all of the "open" gTLDs do have a registry/registrar

Was not one of the new gTLD applications turned down because it did
not have a registry/registrar split?

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