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Re: [ga] VeriSign Wins Approval to Keep Control of Dot-Com

Hi Andy and all:

Yes...I also have the same feeling than you.  I remember Joe Simms
ignoring my question ("Does Proposal of New Agreement is open to changes?) and
wanting to leave the podium but he didn't succeed because I requested him
to answer me such question again.  And then it was when he said that the
"Proposal of New Agreement is not open to changes".

Though this is something bitter that I won't forget, also I am conscient
that DNSO have to move forward first identifying the issues of the New
Agreement that is a matter of the DNSO from right now! Not wait until
deadlines in order to begin to work things in the last minute, neither
wait until ICANN request for comments in time when few things can be done.

Best Regards

On Fri, 18 May 2001, Andy Gardner wrote:

> At 7:11 pm -0400 5/18/01, J. William Semich wrote:
> >FYI:
> >
> >VeriSign Wins Approval to Keep Control of Dot-Com Address List
> >
> >
> >http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20010518/wr/tech_verisign_dc_5.html
> >
> "A VeriSign spokesman said the company was pleased with the deal. ``It
> certainly provides us clarity to move forward in our business and gives us
> the focus we've been seeking,'' said spokesman Brian O'Shaughnessy."
> Let me see, now.
> ICANN negotiated changes to the contract.
> DoC then negotiated Further changes to the contract.
> And this is the contract that our friendly ICANN staffer Joe Sims said was
> NOT NEGOTIABLE at the Melbourne ICANN meeting.
> I'll keep this in mind whenever I here anything that Joe Sims says.

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