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[ga] Reviewed motion for three new constituencies

According to Chair's suggestion I reword my previous motion as follows:

1. 80% of the Domain Name holders are Small Medium Enterprises (SME) and Individual Domain Name Holders (IDNH). The positions of these registrants are not represented through any dedicated constituency at the DNSO.

2. More than 98% of the Internet stakeholders are the Individual Users. The positions and trends of these users are not represented at the DNSO while they will obviously decide of the DNS and of the iCANN future when - for example - they select a authoritative root for their machine among the various Root Services Centers (RSC) such as : iCANN, coopetitive RSCs, New.net Name.Spaces, etc..; or when they will build it by their own in using a MultiBind like product.

3. The DNSO/GA therefore acknowledges the need of three new constituencies:

    - IDNHC for Individual Domain Name Holders. This constituency is expected for long enough and nothing prevents it to be accepted. An IDNHC Special Interest Group is therefore created within this General Assembly of the DNSO (DNSO/GA) to welcome all the individual domain name holders and to prepare the structure of the coming constituency.

   - SMEC for Small and Medium Enterprises. This constituency will be prepared in cooperation with the Members of the existing DNSO/BC/SME group (Business Constituency). They will prepare and present to the approbation of he DNSO/GA the request to the BoD described by the bylaws and will then create within the DNSO/GA a SME Special Interest Group to prepare the structure of this new constituency.

    - IIUC for International Individual Users. This constituency will be prepared by a Special Interest Group created by this motion to write, promote and make voted the request to the BoD described by the bylaws. To that end the Members of the IIU SIG will take contact in their respective countries with the various Consumer associations and propose them to be technically represented through such a Constituency. They will also contact International Users Associations like Radio users, Road Transport associations, Health and Charity associations etc... as leading Internet user groups with technical skill and representativity.

4. The DNSO/GA acknowledges the creation of new TLDs as a step towards the million TLDs announced by the BoD at the GAC open meeting in Marina del Rey. It considers that time has come to review the gTLD constituency and to accept the new gTLDs in that constituency, as well as all the declared candidates to the management of a new TLD. It favors the enlargement of the gTLD constituency to the Specialized TLDs rather than the creation of a new Constituency.

I thank you for every suggestion to enhance this motion. 


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