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Re: [ga] Results of ranking vote for Chair and Alternate Chair to the GA

Jonathan Weinberg wrote:

>         I want to add my voice to congratulate Danny and Patrick and to
>thank Roberto and Harald for their unstinting, extended efforts.
>(Also, this is a belated congratulations to Harald on his new job as chair
>of the organization where they do the *real* work the results of which we
>fight about in ICANN.)  This is an important year for the GA; I'm confident
>that Danny and Patrick will do a great job moving us forward.

Thanks for your thanks ;>)

I would also congratulate Danny and Patrick for having picked the short 
straw ;>)

Incidentally, the NC is expected to ratify the election today, in a couple 
of hours. I think that there are some admin things that will face the new 
team, first of all to appoint the new List Monitors.


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