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Re: [ga] Critics say VeriSign still has advantage

Hello gavin,

Monday, April 09, 2001, 11:19:48 PM, gavin.stokes@autodesk.com wrote:

> If ICANN can establish domain-type rules for those seeking to
> register domains within existing or proposed TLDs, then it can
> propose and implement rules against domain hoarding.  Both are
> subjective and require human judgment.

Just because you claim it can (I see nothing that would permit it to,
but let's run with this) doesn't mean that it SHOULD.  Why do you
think this is a problem that justifies such a Draconian measure?

> How about this: If you register a domain and don't have a legitimate
> site running under it within, say, two years, you lose it.  What's a
> legitimate site?  Of course, that's the tough question.  Probably
> the best way to answer it is to allow people to challenge a
> hoarder's registration of a particular domain after two years, as
> they can currently challenge on the basis of trademark
> infringement.

There is your mistake, associating domain names with websites.  A
domain name is not a website address.

Let me repeat that.

A domain name is not a website address.

A domain name can be in use, even if there is no publicly accessible
website operating under it.

How do you define use?  And even if my plans call for use for the
domain 10 years down the road, should I not register it now, so that I
can protect my concept, even if that concept has a 10 year lead time?

Sorry, but this type of thing is entirely inappropriate, not to
mention outside the scope of ICANN.

P.S. can you set your email client's line wrap to a reasonable number?

Best regards,
 William                            mailto:william@userfriendly.com

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