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Re: [ga] Results of ranking vote for Chair and Alternate Chair to the GA

> > Ditto for me.  Congrats to both as you move into roles which will be
> > very important in increasing the respect and influence of the GA.
> ...and we should not forget the great efforts of
> Roberto and Harald...

Double ditto; and,

Ditto for the Election Watchdog Committee, which published a detailed
report on the election
<http://www.dnso.org/secretariat/b04fullrecord.html> listing the voters,
the order of preferences of each returned, the decision process for
handling each irregular ballot, as well as the way each round of
elimination worked.  It is a wonderful window into the workings of
STV/IRV.  Thanks.

BTW, as I read the report, the decision to re-run the process eliminating
the first place finisher in the first round (i.e. our choice for Chair) to
calculate our preference for alternate chair, produced a different result
than simply taking the top two candidates from the first round (as had
been postulated).

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