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Re[2]: [ga] Removal of Directors

Hello Marilyn,

Sunday, April 08, 2001, 10:21:35 AM, Cade,Marilyn S - LGA wrote:

> I believe that Kent is correct that there was not a consensus position of
> the NC. However, there has been reflection of the points the NC did make as
> significant policy comments. 

> As I recall, generally, the NC said that absent some changes, the number of
> NC members (noted by Kent below) reluctantly supported Option A. Then they
> went on to identify areas where change was needed in Option B.  I believe,
> from a reading of the exchange of letters between Verisign and Stuart
> Lynn,President, ICANN, that there has been agreement to address some of the
> areas noted by the NC.

> If these changes particularly address WHOIS and structural safeguards, as I
> believe that they do, as well as other issues raised by individual
> constituencies, then the vote of the board can be seen as reflecting and
> taking into account the policy guidance of the NC. 

> I'll get out the submission from the NC to the board and read it again,
> against the letters exchanged, to see if my memory serves me correctly on
> those issues. But I do believe that there are changes committed to in the
> letter from Verisign, which reflect input through the NC to the Board.

Read it again

B: The NC resolves that if forced to choose between the existing
agreement or the revised agreement as written the NC reluctantly
chooses the existing agreement.

9 members of the NC in favor, 6 opposed.

The majority of those voting said that EVEN with ALL of the changes
noted in resolution "a" that they still prefer the existing contract.

Further, Kent's comments are irrelevant.  The only reason it was not a
a majority of all the elected positions was because the conference did
not have all of the elected members there.

The changes that were made did NOT address all of the points the NC
raised, and further the NC said that even if those points were
addressed, it preferred the existing contract anyway.

Best regards,
 William                            mailto:william@userfriendly.com

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