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[ga] Whoa ! Multilingual?

In a message dated 4/5/2001 10:42:50 PM Central Daylight Time,
eric@hi-tek.com writes:

<<This post is a perfect example of why we must be very careful on
banning and I hope we can work out a better system. >>

<< For any who do not know, I am born and raised near the Grand Canyon in
Flagstaff Arizona and a Texan is about as repugnant to us as a New Yorker and
that is bad.  Just a societal truth. >>


<<I can get over it and try to learn from Mr. Walsh as well as Mr. Williams.
 They delight in being frank to a point of rudeness for the rest of America
both Texans and NYers. >>

It seems you have already learned rudeness from them!  Williams we don't
claim as a Texan!   Jeff has all the earmarks of being  a misplaced  
Arizonian that's been chewing on a little too much Peyote for too many years!

<<In fact it is a Multilingual issue because it deals in differences in
culture, and even different language, like NZ and SA.>>

Excuse me - perhaps you should find a dictionary and look up the word
"multilingual" !     

The last time I was in New York, they were still speaking English there.  The
same was true in NZ and SA (assuming you are referring to New Zealand and
South Africa)   


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