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RE: [ga] Appeal

Roberto, without interpreting your suggestions, I can forsee  that our focus
should be the benefit of the GA and remind us all that we have a common
objective:  communication and understanding, even when we disagree.

I hope to get past those phases, and get on with working on issues of mutual
concern. And tolerating disagreement

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Subject: [ga] Appeal


I have received several requests for reconsideration of the sanction against

Dave Crocker.

It is indeed a difficult decision, and I am aware that in any case it will 
make somebody unhappy (and most probably nobody happy). But that's life.

I would like first to provide some motivation to my decision: those who 
prefer to "jump to the conclusions" are welcome to <PgDn> to the end of the 

For the others, I would list qhat are, IMHO, the points against and in 
favour of Dave.

- the sanctioned post was just the straw that broke the camel's back, some 
complaints have been received also on previous posts
- Dave is one of the most experienced and long time personalities in this 
debate. I know this will sound "old-fashioned" (that's how I probably am, so

I can't help), but I would expect him (as others, on either side of this 
year-long debate) to be an example of behaviour for newcomers rather than 
somebody that actively contributes to the disruption of this list

- as correctly guessed by a distinguished individual asking for 
reconsideration, there has been no warning, and no attempt to privately 
contact Dave to cool off - not from my part, at least
- the post came after a series of attacks to him and to Kent Crispin, that 
were indeed sometimes heavier and more off-limits than the post that 
originated the sanction
- in a private message, Dave stated that he did not intend to be offensive 
with the post, that he thought about it as a funny but not offensive thing 
to say, and that he apologized

My personal opinion, as said above, is that the post in itself would not 
justify the exclusion from the list, but that the continuous "approaching" 
and sometimes "crossing the border line" (not just by Dave, though) needed 
an intervention by the List Monitor.

All considered, I decide that the suspension of posting right of Dave 
Crocker shall be revoked.
I would appreciate Dave sending to the list the apologies he announced me 
privately, as he did not have the intention to offend.
This decision is not a critique of the sanction applied by the List Monitor:

it is highly dependent from my personal interpretation of the low offensive 
potential of the comment made, and on the intention of Dave to explain this 
to the list, which is a new element that the List Monitor did not know at 
time of decision.
I would also appreciate if this incident could sound as a warning to all 
those who find necessary to use personal attacks to make the point.
Maybe some of the rules should be revised. Maybe the new Chair, AltChair, 
List Monitors, will treat the matter better, or at least in a way that will 
raise less concerns to the Assembly: for the time being I shall note that 
the major problem this Assembly had when myself and Harald took office was 
the disruption and the low signal-to-noise ratio.
I do believe that we managed to bring these items to a more acceptable 
level, and this is the main reason why we did gain also the confidence of 
the NC and some recognition. It is sad that now, in this period of 
uncertainity before a new leadership will take over, the ghosts of the past 
try to poison the air again.

I wish that the participants to the General Assembly of the DNSO could find 
again the way to positively interact to produce something that is meaningful

for the Internet Community, and that everybody will think twice before 
firing off useless personal attacks, and will give the correct value to the 
personal attacks he/she receives: zero!

Best regards, and good night for today: this is my fifth and last.

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