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Re: [ga] withdrawal of candidacy

At 02:16 4/04/01 -0700, Eric Dierker wrote:

>I stand against the status quo and for Mr. Auerbachs' positions.
Thank you Eric. Could you please enumerate what parts of the status quo you
would like to see changed. Then it becomes possible to win support for
specific changes.

>If you do not like this campaigning it is jsut because you do not want the
>issues raised.
I feel that this is unfair to the other candidates. Danny has pledged that
he will work as the GA's humble servant. If he is elected, it is up to the
GA members to make proposals, motions, seconds and he will be the one who
makes sure that the will of the GA is given expression.
With regards to his current employment: unless I am very much wrong in my
judgement of character, I think this is even less relevant than Karl A.'s
employment as a Cisco engineer.

>p.s. I beg the other candidates to state their real opinions, although I
>that both of the other candidates have decided it is far better to lay low on
>their opinions and therefor win by not making the players mad.

We have heard opinions from both candidates. Especially Patrick has told us
what he thinks about opening up to the TLD community. 
 However, they are not standing as our representatives on the NC, but for
the role of Chair, which means that once elected they will have to go slow
on their personal opinions and enlarge their ear for the opinions that they
hear in the GA.

Former bootstrap of the CA/idno
       The Polling Booth 

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