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[ga] About GA membership again......

sorry to have to interrupt the reminescences again, but I do think we need
to get some GA business items out of the way.

I suggest that in the absence of a better opinion, we declare the following
as the definition of GA membership:

- The DNSO General Assembly is composed of those persons who want to be
   members of that assembly.

- In order to be a member, one must send an email to the Keeper of the
   Membership List (a secretariat function) asking to become a member,
   and giving:
   - Name
   - Country of residence
   - Optionally, company affiliation and/or city of residence
   - Email to be used for balloting
   All the information except the email will be made public.

- A Member can be removed from the Membership list by:
   - A request from the Member to be removed
   - A procedure (to be defined) for dealing with fraudulent registrations

- A Member has the right to vote in a GA vote.
   A Member has the duty to receive GA vote ballots, and to keep his
   registration info updated.

This point set is incomplete (particularly the definition of fraudulent
registration), but I thought it time to get comments on a proposal.

I know this sounds like "lex Alvestrand" again, but we've got to come to
some kind of conclusion on this matter....and I think this roughly reflects
the opinion of most of the participants.



Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway

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