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Re: [ga] Older registrations

> > Semantics. When two out of four IANA employees tell others to go ahead
> > submit an application, and even go so far as to tell them how to go
> > that process, even informally, I'd call that something "semantically
> > similar" to a solicitation.
> If you ask how can you have an island given to you by the Government of
> Malaysia, and there is no clear procedure and a Malaysian government
> tells you "send an application", you don't immediately presume that you
> be given an island or if you do you are very naive.

But if the government official also has said, in public, "we're working on
procedure for giving away islands, here is a draft, please work on it with
us, and also, if you could swim out to the island that you want and build
a city, that might show us how it would work. Naturally, if you build the
city, and it works, that would be the island that this process would grant

Christopher Ambler

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