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Re: [ga] Older registrations

On Sun, Mar 19, 2000 at 11:58:45PM -0800, Christopher Ambler wrote:
> >and the fact that Chris Ambler's ".WEB" request was #3 in the list
> >for that particular TLD.....
> As has been pointed out, the other two entries in that list
> were, according to IANA, not requests to run a registry, but
> suggestions that .web would be a good TLD to add. IOD's
> request was the first request to run the .web registry.
> I won't go over the rest, which has been hashed out more
> times than I know over the last 4+ years.

It's interesting to contrast the clear disclaimer in IANA's document 
with the "misleading" language in IODesign's web page 

  "Representatives of Image Online Design asked that IANA, the authority
  responsible for the Internet's domain name system, add Image Online
  Design's .WEB[tm] registry to the Internet's domain name servers.  In
  July, 1996, IANA agreed, and asked Image Online Design to bring its
  registry online, so it could be tested.  In essence, IANA wanted a
  "proof-of-concept" for a short time.  As things turned out, IANA chose
  not to honor its agreement..."

Despite numerous requests for concrete evidence of this supposed
"agreement", none has ever been produced.  Note that IANA has repeatedly
denied that such an agreement was ever made. 

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