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Re: About .eu - Was: Re: [ga] Meeting on the creation of .EU TLD, Brussels, 28 March

On Sun, 19 Mar 2000 23:00:58 -0400, Peter de Blanc wrote:

>Any consideration of .EU must take into account the possibilities of:
>.AP  for Asia Pacific
>.AF (or some letters) for Africa, or Pan-African Union
>.C?  for the CariCom Caribbean Community,
>.l? for the Latin Americans
>.N? for NAFTA- the North American Free Trade Accociation
>and GOD only knows how many other trade and economic treaty associations.

People seem to overlook who makes the decisions here.

Some UN body decides who gets added to ISO3166.  They have decided EU
gets added.  They would also decide if any other "entity" asks for one
of the above.

Once an entry into ISO3166 gets made then ICANN/IANA role seems to be
simply who it will be delegated to, not whether it will be delegated.

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