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RE: About .eu - Was: Re: [ga] Meeting on the creation of .EU TLD

You made reference to a contract: "This was part of their NSF contract."

I simply asked you for details about it.

Since you referred to it, I assume you know something about it.

At 07:43 PM 3/19/00 -0800, Simon Higgs wrote:
>At 07:22 PM 3/19/00 -0800, Dave Crocker wrote:
>>At 07:00 PM 3/19/00 -0800, Simon Higgs wrote:
>>>At 05:19 PM 3/19/00 -0800, William X. Walsh wrote:
>>>IANA had the authority to introduce new TLDs into the root, as evidenced 
>>>by the introduction of ccTLDs during the same time period. This was part 
>>>of their NSF contract. At the time, IANA was
>>Which IANA contract with NSF was that?
>Are you saying IANA didn't have the authority to introduce all those 
>ccTLDs into the root?


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