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RE: [ga] Cairo DNSO GA meeting agenda

At 09:42 03.03.00 -0800, Rick H Wesson wrote:

>Jean-Michel && Richard
>there is already work in the IETF about supporting international character
>sets in DNS.

But this group is explicitly barred from considering the question of who 
decides what domain names to allocate.

>more information can be found at
>Since the IETF is part of the ICANN structure you may not want to
>duplicate ongoing work as part of the PSO seems qulified to handle
>the task.

The IETF is not part of the ICANN structure, any more than the ITU or 
Time-Warner-AOL is. If there are domain name allocation issues to be 
considered (and I think there are), then ICANN has to work them out.
However, it might be nice to wait a bit before starting, in order for some 
of the tech stuff to get shaken down a bit.

>I would suggest folks participate in the IETF WG.

So would I.

             Harald Alvestrand
          Technical advisor to the IETF IDN group

Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway

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