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RE: [ga] Cairo DNSO GA meeting agenda


And this kind of Working group or watether we call it (Task force..., in
order do not confuse with Wg created by NC) could show to the NC and to the
ICANN Board that the GA could be a body where some work can be done. 

I support your idea.


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Something that has been discuss quite a bit in the Asia Pacific
region, and in particular in the annual APRICOT meetings
held in Seoul this week revolved around issues with
implementing Multilingual Domain Names.

May I suggest that this issue be brought up in the GA,
to perhaps recommend to the NC that a Working Group be
established to address and discuss issues with multilingual
domains names?


Jean-Michel Becar wrote:

> Roberto,
> Could we draft an agenda for the coming GA meeting in Cairo? I know you
> should be very busy at that time but if GA participants could help by
> telling the points they want to see discussed, it will certainly help.
> My ideas are:
> * GA Membership vs. GA mailing list
> * DNSO business plan
> * GA and NC relationship
> * GA working groups
> * GA work plan for the coming months
> * Wg-C report and discussion
> Hope this help to start an agenda and "fruitful" discussions.
> Jean-Michel Becar

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