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Re: [ga] Proposal: WWW / slashdot

At 13:18 27.02.00 -0500, Michael Froomkin - U.Miami School of Law wrote:
>I am told that the new membership system for ICANN relies in part on a WWW
>interface, and that is how "members" activate and manage their membership
>accounts.  If it is in fact the case that the taboo against WWW interfaces
>has been abandoned, I propose that moderation on this list be replaced
>with a web-based conversation based on the slashdot engine.  (The
>rationale had been that email was more democratic, since people with poor
>connectivity had difficulty using the web; I gather that technological
>progress and passage of several weeks since this argument was last floated
>has reduced this problem...)

I disagree with the ICANN decision to start off the At-Large using a Web 
interface; I think the interface they chose penalizes anyone with a long 
roundtrip time from California, and denies me easy access to functions like 
"search for the message that caused Michael to get so mad at me", which my 
own email system provides with reasonable ease.
And I'm a regular slashdot reader too, so it's not because I don't know 
that alternative.
The question of what communications media ICANN will run on behalf of the 
At-Large community is on the agenda for Cairo.

That said, it would be fun to watch someone trying to run a Slashdot engine 
for the GA. First question: Who decides what stories to post?


Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway

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