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Re: [Attention Harald, Esther Dyson, and Becky Burr] to:Re: [ga]disclaimer

On Thu, 17 Feb 2000, Gary Peake wrote:

> Sorry, but as a total outsider, I find remarks like the above quite funny.
> I see all these posts where people "try" to make themselves look quite
> intelligent by the wording, yet they use "legal phrases" that do not apply
> or apply only peripherally.

it's old english - in case you were wondering - peppered with nuvo slang.

> Do you know the legal definition of both "libel and slander"?

Yup - as defined in the Libel and Slander Act - Ontario R.S.O. something.

> I suggest you look them up before using them like this for the above
> statement and accompanying post  may well be "libel" in itself.

Both terms are used interchangably in law except when specifically
applied.  In this case yes - libel is the better charge - however only a
"court of competent juridiction has the right to adjudicate the the
issue".  How about that for legal slang.

> I am not taking sides, but am using this as an example. I find the
> "speeches" being made quite funny and as an outsider who does web hosting
> and "uses" the systems you guys govern, I also see why it is the system is
> so screwed up.

You are exactly right - you are governed by twits - and some day more
people like yourself wil realize this and on that day you won't be
governed by twits anymore.

The power ICANN has is over the control of the USG root Servers which
everyone uses - but since those root servers can be replaced - ICANN by
default can also be moved aside.

> Is it possible for me to forward posts from here to alt.www.webmaster as it
> will answer many questions some of the top professionals have there about
> why the system doesn't work?

Absolutly - also invite them to join the GA to see for themselves.  This
form of stupidity is best served warm so all can appreciate it's squalor.

The better conference where you'll get straigh answers is lists@ifwp.org -
and the internic domain policy lists.

> While NetSol may have had their problems when it was them or nothing, at
> least we KNEW who the culprit was when something didn't get handled (and
> that USED to be seldom contrary to today where almost everything, with ANY
> company is a muck up at best).

ICANN has solved the culprit problem by making the structure so complex -
it's impossible to figure out who's who.

Joe Baptista

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