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Re: [ga] Use of "loon"

> So far, every single message I have had suggests that calling Joe Baptista 
> a loon is language that should cause the utterer's suspension from the list.

Personally, I feel that wrt Joe Baptista, "loon" is descriptive, and not an
insult. Joe may feel insluted by the description, but then again someone
might feel insulted by being called fat despite weighing half a ton. It
doesn't stop it frokm being descriptive.

I don't think that any messages describing Joe Baptista can be constructive
or serve any purpose, apart from that of warning the unwary.

I would recommend messages to stay on track and avoid Baptista. I don't
think that describing him merits a ban. Dunno how to establish workable and
usable rules to that effect.

Yours, John Broomfield.
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