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Re: [ga] [Admin] Complaint about William Walsh' recent posting

While I'm just as sure as everyone else of this person's true identity, and
I am
against the METHOD by which this list is being governed (not to mention its
inability to process an unsubscribe request), let me make a few points...

>   I live in a country that guarantees freedom of expression and speech.
> That is the American way.  The ICANN and the DNSO as a part of ICANN
> are bound by US law.

No, they're not. At least not as you mean it.

>Telling people how they can express themselves
> on a public mailing list including this one is in violation of my right
> to express myself as I choose.

No, it's not. The first ammendment says that CONGRESS SHALL MAKE
NO LAW. ICANN and this list are not congress.

>Same goes for William, you or
> anyone else on this list.  If that is not good enough for you than
> you list rules are bordering of illegal activity on purpose.  I find that
> despicable!

There is no illegal activity going on here. More likely, it's very poor
on the part of the list maintainers.

But that does not change the fact that simple tracing of the dialup headers
that are placed in the email that you post prove conclusively that this
and the "Jeff Williams" account are being used by the same computer. It
might be you and one of your friends, perhaps, but I doubt it.

So, on the one hand, you're blowing worthless steam. On the other hand,
it matters little, as this list is worthless itself.


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