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Re: [ga] disclaimer

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On 16-Feb-2000 !Dr. Joe Baptista wrote:
> More abuse Harald - either the rules are for all - or their for the select
> club members here.  Calling someone a name, when that name calling is
> clearly slanderous and libelous is not in accordance with the rules.
> Of course if the alternate chair feels otherwise - I would appreciate the
> reasons.  Mr. Walsh has now been warned once with the Jopp slander and I
> expect you Harald to act on this.

Slander has two elements.   A false tale or report maliciously uttered.

So first the comment must be false.  That element does not exist here.  The
subject's track record and own comments have already defined himself as 
this term, and others have validated said definition.  (See a current
poll on inegroup.com for instance).  Secondly the comment must be said with
malicious intent.  Again, this element does not exist here.  What possible
malicious intent could exist against someone who is not even a blip on the

Perhaps the complainant may wish to use a different term to justify his
"complaint."  The comment that is being complained about was in response to
a post for which the complaint of slander may apply, however.  

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