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Re: [ga] disclaimer

On Tue, 15 Feb 2000, William X. Walsh wrote:

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> Someone drew my attention to a post by PCCF loon Joe Baptista which implies
> that he and I agree on his criticism of the current decisions and status on the
> GA list.
> This is not true.

This is untrue.  Walsh said.

> So then we give up the list as a useful place to get work done?  I think
> list should be composed of the members.  The "general purpose" mailing
list is
> the place of work for all intents and purposes.  Non-members are always
> to read the contents of the list, via an email digest or web based
> format, but not necessarily have the right to post until they have been
> verified.

and I agree with Walsh.  So it's beyong impossible to dispute this.  Walsh
and I are in agreement and nothing further can be said.

Joe Baptista

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