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Someone drew my attention to a post by PCCF loon Joe Baptista which implies
that he and I agree on his criticism of the current decisions and status on the
GA list.

This is not true.

While he may agree with the proposal I made, his posts implies that this
agreement extends to his criticism of the chair not acting on this right now. 
This is not the case, the issue needs much broader discussion, including
addressing the issues of implementation, and the implications on participation
by those for whom these rules would be a hardship.

What is occuring now is that myself, the Chair and the Assoc. Chair have posted
comments on the proposal, and are discussing it on the list.

This is entirely appropriate and is the appropriate way for it to be handled at
this point.  Any implication that I support what I feel are baseless
accusations and criticisms made by a PCCF loon are totally false.

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