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Identity claims (Re: [ga] Another Resignation)

At 17:33 13.02.00 -0800, James Touton wrote:
>Jeff, Ellen and all assembly members Remaining,
>   I must also agree with Jeff's keen observation as well as Michaels,
>Ellens, Erics, and Karls.  It seems a bit disingenuous that Roberto
>could legitimately speak as "Chair" as he was not legitimately elected
>elected as such.  This is clear in the archives for all to see for
>   I would add that I don't see any movement coming from Roberto
>or Harald in correcting this inconsistency in any manner and register
>my complaint as well here in this regard.

Since we see no illegitimacy, there is no inconsistency, and no need to 
correct anything.

>   Further as of friday Harald has sent me, Bob Davis and our spokesman,
>Jeff williams an complaint sent by one William Walsh claiming that I, nor
>Bob Davis are real people.  At first I found this to be quite hilarious,
>but in several exchanges with Harald, Including Jeff, and Bob, I have sense
>seen it as a clear indication that Harald is acting in a seemingly vindictive
>and passionate manner.  I also find this to be offensive.  More on this

I have in fact made such a query.
The "proofs" offered for Bob Davis and James Touton so far are:

- A "persona not verified" cert for James Touton
- A self-signed PGP key for Bob Davis
- An offer to speak with INEGroup at the phone number attached to all Jeff
   Williams' posts
- Pointers to AnyWho, where there was no information, and to NetZero, which
   does not reveal subscriber information
- Claims that contracts with their members prohibit them from revealing
   the necessary information about themselves
- Various and sundry vague pointers to where information might have been
   available if one were to know what to ask for (such as the FEC, whichever
   of the various agencies using that abbreviation that might be).

Very useful exercise.

If anyone on the list (apart from Jeff Williams, Bob Davis and James 
Touton, with whom I've already communicated) wishes to come forward with 
more evidence for the existence of these two persons as distinct from Jeff 
Williams, please send your messages to ga-abuse@dnso.org.
(I don't think we need more evidence against their existence)

                   Harald T. Alvestrand

Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway

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