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[ga] Voter fraud in the IDNO chair elections

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I'd say we have substantiation of voter fraud by our despotic dictator.

Results for Topic:
Election of CA/idno-List Assembly Chair

Total number of voters: 5

Vote    Number of Votes Percentage
Dinesh Nair     4       75.00 %
Dominic Baron   2       50.00 %
Andy Gardner    1       25.00 %

That's a good way to rig the system Joop. Turn 4 votes into six.

I guess the vote needs to be suspended until you can pay your "professional"
cold fusion programmer to fix it.  Obviously someone can't add.

Or maybe it isn't a bug? Maybe you added a couple of votes to the database
manually, and forgot to increment a total held in another table??? That's
what it looks like to me. 5 votes done through the correct channels and 2
slipped in the back door. Who did you give the free votes to Joop? One each
to Dinesh and Dominic, or did the person you've decided to gift the chair
job get both of them?

And you wonder why we don't trust a voting booth run by you, with no one
else able to oversee the proceedings.

I think the IDNO discussion list might have to demand that the vote be
carried out by a third party, to keep your greedy despotic little fingers out of
the till.  Anyone volunteering to setup the email vote bot Kent wrote?

Anyone really believe this vote is going forwarding with any integrity at all?

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