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Re: [ga-full] Re: [ga] Message from the Chair - List Rules

Harald and all assembly members remaining,

  The electorate are all of the participants of this list, and any interested
parties as prescribed in the white paper.

  As to how they can vote, there have been many suggestions and
working solutions available for some time now.

Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:

> At 08:43 10.02.00 -0500, Michael Froomkin - U.Miami School of Law wrote:
> >Now that the people who object to the unilateral imposition of the filter
> >rules have left en mass, I wonder if there is any reasonable doubt as to
> >how this second poll will come out? (I gather the first straw poll, taken
> >before the rules were imposed in the absence of consensus, was
> >inconclusive? )
> >
> >Is there any plan to attempt to get a more representative electorate?
> The two things we have to decide before the vote (which should IMHO be a
> vote, not a poll) are:
> - Who are the electorate?
> - How can they vote?
> I can see no line of argument that would include "ga" list members but
> exclude "ga-full" list members.
> >PS. This message came to me from "ga-full" resulting in the duplicated
> >topic header seen above.  This seems to have a number of unfortunate (and
> >I suspect unanticipated) results:
> >
> >*it segregates comments by which list people read;
> >
> >*it makes each post a sort of political statement, and
> >
> >* (worst of all?) it makes reading a single thread in the correct order
> >very difficult if it is composed of comments from readers of the two lists
> >if your mail reader threads by subject as mine does.  Is there anything
> >that can be done about this?  Perhaps the two lists could use the same
> >[name] in the subject line, but have different footers appended to
> >messages when forwarded ("This message came to you from the 'whatever'
> >list.  To unsubscribe send a message to 'address'.)
> This is a good idea.
>                    Harald
> --
> Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway
> Harald.Alvestrand@edb.maxware.no

James Touton
Legal and Policy Advisory Council,
INEGRoup (Stakeholder)

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