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[ga] Re: DNSO.ORG has melted down?

At 10:58 10.02.00 -0800, Roeland M.J. Meyer wrote:
>This week has been most interesting. First the cracker-kiddies start capping
>some of the largest pipes on the Internet (which scares the bejeezus out of
>me), then I see a bunch of folks, that I have mucho respect for, leave this
>[DNSO-GA] forum.
>I have been watching this for some time. I too have been concerned with the
>noise level. Currently, I peg the value-add content somewhere south of 1% of
>list traffic. I can mostly lay this at the feet of one Joe Baptista.
>Congratulations Joe, you've done PCCF proud.

[Note: One extremely strange thing is that since the Great Imposition, not 
a single person has complained about the actions of Joe Baptista to the 
ga-abuse address. Only Jeff Williams has been complained about. Perhaps he 
has moderated his activity to just below our collective pain threshold????]

>However, I can make a case for comparative negligence with the operators of
>DNSO.ORG, as well. In that case, Joe has made a strong point; A trust
>relationship can not exist when with this many unfiltered and unverified
>persons. Especially, when one of them has the malicious intent/capability
>that Joe has demonstrated. In this environment, informal and  ad hoc
>practices of the past will, demonstrably, not work.

I believe you're right.


>Formal rules and process may be a burden, but participating in this sort of
>activity, without them, may be a complete waste of time. I mentioned
>something like this when I addressed the Names Council, in San Jose.
>However, structure does NOT appear out of nowhere, it must be created. The
>manner of creation is ALWAYS contentious.

And part of that contentiousness seems to be that one must accept a certain 
leavetaking by those who do not agree to the ruleset or their manner of 
It is not clear that there exists an alternative that wouldn't cause a 
larger leavetaking; keeping a no-rules situation would have made *me* leave.

This makes me sad.

                          Harald A

Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway

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