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RE: [ga] Another Resignation

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On 10-Feb-2000 Randy Canis wrote:
> As promised, because of the implemented censorship I therefore leave this
> group until "such time as reason is restored to the DNSO GA and this list is
> open without filters as to content."  Those of you have implemented these
> policies have truly discredited the DNSO. 
> I have included my personal plea to Harald at the end of this mail, which was
> rejected.
> Adios amigos...

Goodbye.  If you can't live with simple rules of civil discourse, and expect
some USENET style anarchy, then a real working list is not the place for you.

Are there anymore out there who feel a need to grandstand like this in defense
of anarchy?  Please, do it now and get it out of your system, so we can move on.

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