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Re: Re: [ga-full] Re: [ga] Message from the Chair - List Rules


>Now that the people who object to the unilateral imposition of the 
>rules have left en mass, I wonder if there is any reasonable doubt as 
>how this second poll will come out? (I gather the first straw poll, 
>before the rules were imposed in the absence of consensus, was
>inconclusive? )

I hope that, at least before a vote, they will show up again.
About how many have left this time, vs. how many had left before because
 of the absence of civil discourse rules, the balance is still in 
"favour" of the latter, so far.

>Is there any plan to attempt to get a more representative electorate?
>PS. This message came to me from "ga-full" resulting in the duplicated
>topic header seen above.  This seems to have a number of unfortunate 
>I suspect unanticipated) results:
> ......

This is a matter of technicality, that I assume that DNSO Listadmin can