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[ga] Finally, some sanity...


This bickering about what each of us thinks generates nothing substantive
at all. The list as a whole has a voice but the individual participants
choose not to use it.

A simple issue needs to be addressed, quickly discussed, and then voted
upon so the the will of the GA is known. No, not all people on this list
are likely to agree with any single issue, but the list is not for venting
our individual platforms - it is for those of us who have them to get
together and collectively develop "ONE" from the various possibilities.

This is called democracy. Not Joop Teernstra's definition, but he doesn't
count anyway.

On Thu, 27 Jan 2000, Cade,Marilyn S - LGA wrote:

> I am seeing those of us who post spending our time arguing about what "our"
> individual point of view is about a subject. Is that the purpose of ga?  I
> don't think it is, and I am looking forward to seeing a path to
> communication which might be like a conversation where individuals respect
> the speaker, even if they don't agree with the viewpoint.  That might enable
> some of us to better understand each other -- even if not everyone... 
> That might be progress of some kind.

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