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[ga] Two letter TLD's/ccTLD's and ICANN's lack of clue (Corrections provided)

Eric, Richard and all,

  Given recent events, I find it difficult to see how any RFC is
to making determinations as to what is a "Valid" TLD and what is not
with respect to Confusion.  RFC 1035 I believe is the RFC you were
searching for Eric.  At any rate, in that the ICANN BoD has
"RULED" on trailing "-" (Dashes) as not being valid, where there is
no known restriction in any RFC presently, and that a private company
has purchased the rights to .CC (Dot CC) it is difficult to justify that

two letter TLD's as ONLY Country Code TLD's or ccTLD's.

  A TLD is a TLD, IMHO at this juncture, given the known facts
and events.

First ICANN says it will follow the standards of the RFC's, than it
turns around and does a 180% and doesn't do that.  Go figure.

  Either ICANN follows the RFC standards or it doesn't.  Can't have
it both ways, boys and girls!  Now if you wan to change those RFC
standards, that is fine and dandy.  But it stands to reason that until
those RFC standards are changed, and proper announcement is made
publicly, inane rulings such as the Trailing Dash ruling/edict, should
NEVER occur.  More evidence of the stinking refuse heap of cluelessness
from the ICANN baud.  Sheeesh!

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> In article <3899E950.8F581F34@ehsco.com>, "Eric A. Hall"
> wrote:
> >All two-letter TLDs are reserved by IANA for use with ccTLDs,
> >there aren't any entries for AA or ZZ in the root file. I can't find
> >specific RFC right now, but I read it in one of the DNS-related RFCs.

> Are you thinking of this from RFC 1032?
>    Countries that wish to be registered as top-level domains are
>    required to name themselves after the two-letter country code
>    in the international standard ISO-3166.  In some cases, however,
>    two-letter ISO country code is identical to a state code used by
>    U.S. Postal Service.  Requests made by countries to use the three-
>    letter form of country code specified in the ISO-3166 standard will

>    be considered in such cases so as to prevent possible conflicts and

>    confusion.
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