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Re: [ga] Message from the Chair - List Rules - Another victim of poor list rules!

Joe and all,

  Yes to a great extent "These Four" as you say are indeed a work of art.
What kind of art, is of course another matter!  >;)  I often think of them
as "The Four Horse-Shitters", when I read some of the "Horse shit" they
try to pass (drop?) on us assembly members as fact, accurate information,
or constructive discussion/dialog.  Your mileage may of course, very.  >;)

!Dr. Joe Baptista wrote:

On Fri, 4 Feb 2000, Jeff Williams wrote:

> of Battle" to the enemy of disgust, distortion and draconian dribble
> as Harald, Roberto, Kent, William Walsh, and a few others would

Harry, bobby, kenty and billy.  It's a work of art these four.

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