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Re: [ga] Message from the Chair - List Rules

On Fri, Feb 04, 2000 at 08:52:04AM -0500, Michael Froomkin - U.Miami School of Law wrote:
> Will existing subscribers be automatically transferred to one of the lists?

Existing subscribers are subscribers to ga.  That continues.

> If so, I hope it's the full one, which preserves the status quo.

The whole point of this exercise is not to preserve the status quo. 

>  Taking a
> limited feed should require action on the subscriber's part.  Imposing
> this on people without even asking them is heavy-duty authoritarianism,
> and would not be conducive to peace and goodwill.
> (I read your proposal to imply the reverse - that the default option will
> be the limited feed.  Please tell me I misunderstood...)

As I understand it, there is no way to post directly to the "unfiltered"
list -- the only way that posts appear on either list is to post to
"ga"; the unfiltered list itself is read-only.  Therefore it doesn't
make sense to make the unfiltered list the default, as you describe. 

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