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[ga] Message from the Chair - List Rules

Dear subscribers to the GA-list,

The purpose of this note is to provide more details and finalize the 
application of the rules for the monitoring of this mailing list (see 
http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/ga/Arc03/msg00447.html), adopted last 
week (see http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/ga/Arc03/msg00743.html).

First of all, a confirmation that the present situation will last only 
for a limited period of time, namely three months.
My objective is to hold a vote, whose result will be binding, at the 
latest at the end of April 2000. This vote will address issues like:
- filtered/unfiltered list
- rules and sanctions
- archiving and online availability of the archives

In the meantime, we will operate according to the adopted rules.

The List Monitor (aka "seargent-at-arms")
I believe that, in this initial phase, the responsibility of monitoring 
the list should be taken directly by the Alternate Chair.
Complaints to the decisions of the List Monitor should be addressed 
directly to the Chair. A dedicated address shall be dedicated to this 

Filtered vs. unfiltered lists
All messages to the GA-list will be addressed to ga@dnso.org, as usual.
Should a person whose posting rights have been temporarily suspended 
submit a message to the list, this message will be accepted and logged, 
but not forwarded to the subscribers of the list. It will nevertheless 
be possible to subscribe to a mailing list (ga-full@dnso.org) that will 
contain full record of the traffic, regardless the status of the 
Both lists will be archived, and the archives will be publicly available
 on the DNSO Web site, under http://www.dnso.org/archives.html.
This will provide the possibility for anybody, even not subscribing to 
any GA list, to access the offending postings against which sanctions 
have been taken, therefore ensuring the transparency of the decisions of
 the List Monitor.