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Re: [ga] Voters interest and Defining a voter's roll

Harald and all,

Joop Teernstra wrote:

> At 08:31 3/02/00 +0100, Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:
> >This idea reminds me of the way US elections work; everyone's entitled to
> >vote, but in order to actually vote, you must register....
> >
> >Do you think the roll should be public (in order to monitor the action of
> >the roll-keeper), or private (to protect people's privacy)?
> >
> For the greatest transparency, the roll should be public. But only names,
> not email adresses. This in line with the disabling of the "who" command.

  Than you really can't identify anyone with any level of reasonable certainty

given this model or approach Harald.  Hence you are back where you
started.  Disabeling the Majordomo "Who" command was and is really
folly as methods of going around that problem are well known and well
documented on the Net.

> >In any case, more than one person should have the responsibility for
> >monitoring the roll, I think.
> >
> Agree. The best would be an enrollment form on the DNSO website with
> minimal manual intervention.

  Agreed as well here.  And methods of doing this are also well known
and have been suggested on this list several times before.

> The responsibility comes into play, when determination is made about voter
> identity.

  Again there are many globally acceptable methods and software readily
for this to be done and this too has been addressed on several occasions
on this list.

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