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RE: [ga] Voters interest and Defining a voter's roll

Been there, done that, no tee-shirt found....

In the DNSO Paris draft, this was hotly debated. However, the view is that
voters would form constituencies, Those that didn't group themselves would
still be voters. Only the Singapore modifications, uniaterally instituted by
the ICANN BoD, changed that, for the worse, and cast the constituency
mechanism in the amber we see today. The inclusive fluidity envisioned, in
the Paris draft, is long gone.

Then we have the view which you bring forth here, this disenfancises many of
the major players. NSI has touted itself as the only member of the gTLD
registry constituency (patently false but accepted by the ICANN). Other
registry operators have nowhere else to form. The constituencies authorised
by the ICANN BoD do NOT cover all of the remaining players. The ICANN itself
acknowleges this. To then exclude all other voters, based on the fact that
they do not belong in a currently constituted constituency, is egregiously
wrong. However, it is a predictable "next move" for those who want to
high-jack the process.

I don't have a copy of the Paris draft, but the ORSC draft may be found at

As far as angels and pin-heads are concerned, you might consider the outcome
of your proposal. Unless one is captured within a few, very narrowly
defined, constituencies, one is disenfranchised (completely outside of the
process). Granted, I am all for republican forms, but the republics must be
broad enough to include a majority of those effected or it is not a
republican form. It is instead, a tyranny of a few select groups, with no
pretense at representation.

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> I think that we are debating the numbers of angels that can dance
> on the head of a pin..........
> I can read the local newspaper (equal the ga@dnso.org) but that
> does not give me any local voting rights,
> Contrast the US situation quoted below (I don't know if its
> correct) where you must register to vote, in the UK your
> existence as a local taxpayer identifies your right to vote,
> although you have to register as well. Why, we even call them
> constituencies.
> Shouldn't the voting rights at the GA/DNSO not have similar
> dependency on some membership of a constituency where bearing the
> costs give some basis for involvement? I acknowledge this still
> causes a problem for individuals and the great unknown 'At Large'
> user base, but this will then bring the need to address that
> issue more sharply into focus, once we have resolved the more
> tractable problem.
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> At 15:30 03.02.00 +1300, Joop Teernstra wrote:
> >Now when we are talking about list rules, it is clear that those not
> >subscribed  to the list have no need and no interest to vote on list-rule
> >issues.
> not entirely - there may be people who have left the list because of the
> noise level. And I know of at least one person who claims to be following
> the list by reading the archives.
> Those could be interested. But I think the great majority of interested
> people is the list subscribers.
> >In other words for list issues the total voter's roll is nothing
> more than
> >the subscriber list at any given time.
> >It is important to have a defined roll, so that this roll can be frozen
> >prior to the announcement of a vote.
> >
> >May I propose that those interested in voting enroll themselves
> volutarily
> >on the dnso website, or via an email to a trusted listmember willing to
> >volunteer building this roll?
> >
> >Then both issues of identity and the measure of interest in voting can be
> >addressed.
> This idea reminds me of the way US elections work; everyone's entitled to
> vote, but in order to actually vote, you must register....
> Do you think the roll should be public (in order to monitor the action of
> the roll-keeper), or private (to protect people's privacy)?
> In any case, more than one person should have the responsibility for
> monitoring the roll, I think.
>                        Harald
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