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Re: [ga] Voters interest and Defining a voter's roll

On Thu, 3 Feb 2000, Joop Teernstra wrote:

> May I propose that those interested in voting enroll themselves volutarily
> on the dnso website, or via an email to a trusted listmember willing to
> volunteer building this roll?

May I suggest the following list of trusted people.

Some time ago - I asked Harald and Jeff Williams who they both
trusted from the following list;

> > Mike Measday
> > Michael Froomkin
> > Milton Muler
> > Karl Auerbach
> > Dennis Schafer

All the above are trusted by Jeff Williams and I believe Harald trusts
Froomkin, Muler and Auerbach.  I think they should be asked to help us in
liberating the GA from the bobsy twins evil rule.

> This is better than judging voters' interest from members participation in
> a poll from which they may have consciously wished to abstain.

You mean the illegal poll known to the chair and alternate to be subject
to fraud that you warned them about.