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RE: [ga] Naughty Domain Names

Actually, the NSI Registry and the SRS has never imposed limits or filters
on "naughty" names.  One of our going-in design goals was that the Registry
can't know what constitutes a "naughty" name in the operating environments
of multiple culturally diverse registrars, so instead each registrar should
be responsible for setting their own policies based on their business goals
and local (to the registrar) regulations.  Soon after the first non-NSI
registrar went live in the SRS in June 1999, some of the non-NSI registrars
began accepting registrations for such names.  "Expansion of the domain name
market" at work.

Scott Hollenbeck (mailto:shollenb@netsol.com)
Network Solutions, Inc. Registry

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At 18:10 26.01.00 -0500, Randy Canis wrote:
>Naughty Domain Names
>    I apologize in advance for the use of the foul language.
>    I was surprised to find that domain names using English curse words 
> had been registered.  Such names included fuck.com (in possession of US 
> District Court of California), fuckmicrosoft.com, fuckibm.com, and 
> fuckaol.com.
>    I thought that all such names couldn't be registered.  These 
> registrations began in June of 1999.  Was there a change in policy that I 
> missed?

[wow - a domain name related issue!]

After the non-NSI registries started accepting those names, and NSI 
discovered that the limitation was not part of the agreement under which it 
operates the registry, the limitation was removed.

IMHO - good riddance.


Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway