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Re: [ga] Message from the Chair


You wrote:
>Roberto Gaetano wrote:
>> ...the mailing list should be
>> separated from the membership list, because they serve two separate
>> purposes: the former is the site of the cyberdiscussion, the latter 
>> site of the cybervoting.
>I am confused.  Would the cybervoting/membership list have discussions?
>else could there be motions, seconds and debate of propositions?  Would
>have a different function than the "cyberdiscussion" list?

I am just saying that the voting should not be performed on a mailing 
list, but via roll call by the votemaster.

I don't think that in order to be able to vote an individual has to be 
obliged to subscribe to a discussion list.

Also, we should consider the fact that a discussion list does not scale.
 Either the GA remains of this size, and in this case the issue of 
voting is irrelevant because ICANN will never accept decisions to be 
taken by such small population, or the GA grows, and therefore it should
 rethink the structure, because a single discussion list with thousands 
of individuals cannot meaningfully conduct business (let alone motions 
and votes).