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Re: [ga] Message too long (>40000 chars)

On Wed, 26 Jan 2000, Kent Crispin wrote:

> Sorry.  This is fact.  I have, for example, a personal email from a
> woman who would not post to the list because she did not want to be a
> target of one of Baptista's little pornographic poems.  That is,
> Baptista is censoring her comments from the list through his threats and
> actions. 

She sounds fridget.  Send a copy of her email to ICANN - they need as much
evidence as they can get their hands on.

This is nothing more then an attempt at libel and slander.  If this woman
is incapable of standing up on her hind legs and make herself heard above
all the political mish mash here - then I suggest she see a psyco or get
verticle.  Women in my mind have won the right to be equal - so if this
one wants to continue playing barbie doll she can do so on here own time.

Joe Baptista