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Re: What list forwards to what list (Re: [ga] Message from theChair)

Harald. Jeff and everybody else,

  I find it very difficult that Harald would have even made such a
suggestion.  It is paramount to saying he wishes to rewrite
the history and determine singularly what should and what
should not be archived or discussed.  That is pure censorship
via fiat as I see it!  Unbelievable!

David "Dude" Jenson
INEGRoup-East Director

In a message dated 1/25/00 6:07:28 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
jwkckid1@ix.netcom.com writes:

<< Harald and all,
   The concern and question still remains what are the criterion specifically
 oh who decides on what messages should be removed, what is the
 criterion that MUST be followed for such an action, how does the
 participant know intuitively or otherwise that this potential action is
 either justified or necessary at all?
   Your proposal does not now and did not address these central concerns
 and questions, and possibly as a result the poll taken showed no mandate
 for them.
 Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:
 > At 10:13 25.01.00 -0800, Kent Crispin wrote:
 > > From a technical point of view I don't think that is -- or should be --
 > >the case.  If someone posts directly to the unfiltered list, it goes
 > >directly to the unfiltered list.   People subscribe to the filtered
 > >list if they want to post to the filtered list -- everything posted to
 > >the filtered list is automatically forwarded to the unfiltered.  What
 > >you are describing is that everything posted to the unfiltered list
 > >gets forwarded to the filtered list and the filters applied -- that
 > >doesn't make much sense, from a technical point of view.
 > As a technologist in the extreme, I can assure you that it makes sense.
 > The aliases would look like this (ignoring some details like the names of
 > the programs used):
 > ga: ga-unfiltered "|resend-and-filter ga-subscribers"
 > ga-unfiltered: "|resend-but-do-not-filter ga-unfiltered-subscribers"
 > All messages would be addressed to "ga".
 > I don't think the mail system should even deliver mail addressed to
 > ga-unfiltered; the only reason I could see for sending mail to the
 > unfiltered list would be to create an appearance that the filters were
 > removing messages that should not be removed.
 >                              Harald A
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 > Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway
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