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Re: [ga] Final draft of proposed mailing list rules

Michael and all,

  I and our members concur with you here Michael.

Michael Sondow wrote:

> Andrew McLaughlin wrote:
> >
> > 1.  ICANN has been working aggressively to implement a membership.  ICANN
> > pursued funds from a number of sources over many months, and obtained
> > $200,000 in grant funding from the Markle Foundation;  has hired a full-time
> > project manager, a coding team, and a design firm;  has purchased and
> > installed the necessary machines;  and is working to design, build, and test
> > the various hardware and software components of a robust, fraud-resistant
> > at-large membership.
> Neither project managers, nor coding teams, nor design firms, nor
> machinery, nor any combination of hardware and software can guard
> against fraud. The only protection against it is the will of those
> with power not to engage in it. But ICANN is based on fraud, it is a
> fraud factory, a manufacturer and merchandiser of fraud. You,
> yourself, are employed solely for the purpose of practicing and
> perpetrating deception and fraud. That is your talent and your
> usefulness to ICANN.
> ICANN's at-large membership is by definition a fraud, since it will
> have no power. The Board will not be accountable to it, as was
> required by the compromise between Jon Postel's ICANN and the
> demands of the BWG and ORSC which, according to the DOC, allowed it
> to recognize ICANN as the NewCo. ICANN's asseveration that it had
> become a membership organization was a fraud.
> Then, the power of the at-large membership, to elect and recall the
> Board, has been removed from it by the fraud of an interposed
> "council", itself not answerable to any membership. That is the
> second fraud, thought up and put into place by you and the fraud
> specialists at JonesDay.
> Finally, the money given by Markle and others will be used to
> implement your brainchild of the fraudulent at-large membership, as
> Markle is no more than a front for those in the government, backed
> up by right-wing think-tankers at Harvard, who wish to enslave the
> Internet and render it subservient to the freedom-destroying fraud
> of the US Government intelligence community, whose creature Markle
> is.
> Lies. Deception. Fraud. That is all that is going on here. And every
> dollar ICANN has, every machine, every code, every person it
> employs, will be put to the service of fraud, as has been the case
> since ICANN was conceived.
> > 2.  As a bottom-up policy-making body, ICANN relies on a distributed
> > architecture for the development of policy recommendations.
> Nothing ICANN has ever done, not one single piece of policy or rule
> or implementation, has been the result of a bottom-up process. The
> use of expressions like "bottom-up" is a fraud, a demeaning lie that
> renders the use of the English language in your mouth a subterfuge,
> as if the sole function of language for you was to beguile the
> unsuspecting into being conned by cheap hucksters like you who dare
> to take advantage of our willingness to listen and curb our
> democratic ire.
> > I hope that ICANN's at-large membership will help connect interested persons
> > with the existing organizations and forums where consensus policies will be
> > developed and discussed.
> So caught up in your own lies are you that you do not even recognize
> that no one, I repeat, no one is any longer taken in by your use of
> the ICANN lie of consensus. There is only one meaning of "consensus"
> for ICANN: the consensus of the representatives of big business who
> have stolen the privatization process away from this community.
> > Any member will be able to participate in the
> > election process.
> What election process? You have already chosen nine board members
> without a membership or due democratic process, and reinstated the
> interim board, against your own bylaws, by fiat. What elections are
> left? The ones where the membership of ISOC, who will become the
> at-large membership, will vote in more ISOC leaders to the board?
> > From my perspective, the ICANN world is largely (though not entirely) > populated by individuals of good will and honorable intention who want > to work together to build a stable, robust, limited-purpose technical > coordination entity that serves the interests of the global Internet > community.
> >From your point of view? From the point of view of a paid defrauder,
> a liar, a con artist? You can repeat the lie that ICANN is made up
> of good-willed people all you want, in the end you will fool no one.
> The only intentions of you and your employers are to make certain
> that IBM, MCI, AT&T, and their minions at the RIRs and the IETF can
> continue to hold the world ransom to their power over this medium of
> communication. Go ahead, repeat "consensus", "limited purpose",
> "global community" over and over and over again, your lies are
> pathological, you become a demented schizophrenic who can no longer
> tell the truth from his own falsifications and fantasies.
> Let that be your curse, then. That you and the others who have
> created this monstrous fraud with your lies become trapped by it
> yourselves, and that your own lives become the lie that you have
> wished on others.
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