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Re: [ga] Final draft of proposed mailing list rules

Andrew McLaughlin wrote:
> 1.  ICANN has been working aggressively to implement a membership.  ICANN
> pursued funds from a number of sources over many months, and obtained
> $200,000 in grant funding from the Markle Foundation;  has hired a full-time
> project manager, a coding team, and a design firm;  has purchased and
> installed the necessary machines;  and is working to design, build, and test
> the various hardware and software components of a robust, fraud-resistant
> at-large membership.

Neither project managers, nor coding teams, nor design firms, nor
machinery, nor any combination of hardware and software can guard
against fraud. The only protection against it is the will of those
with power not to engage in it. But ICANN is based on fraud, it is a
fraud factory, a manufacturer and merchandiser of fraud. You,
yourself, are employed solely for the purpose of practicing and
perpetrating deception and fraud. That is your talent and your
usefulness to ICANN.

ICANN's at-large membership is by definition a fraud, since it will
have no power. The Board will not be accountable to it, as was
required by the compromise between Jon Postel's ICANN and the
demands of the BWG and ORSC which, according to the DOC, allowed it
to recognize ICANN as the NewCo. ICANN's asseveration that it had
become a membership organization was a fraud.

Then, the power of the at-large membership, to elect and recall the
Board, has been removed from it by the fraud of an interposed
"council", itself not answerable to any membership. That is the
second fraud, thought up and put into place by you and the fraud
specialists at JonesDay.

Finally, the money given by Markle and others will be used to
implement your brainchild of the fraudulent at-large membership, as
Markle is no more than a front for those in the government, backed
up by right-wing think-tankers at Harvard, who wish to enslave the
Internet and render it subservient to the freedom-destroying fraud
of the US Government intelligence community, whose creature Markle

Lies. Deception. Fraud. That is all that is going on here. And every
dollar ICANN has, every machine, every code, every person it
employs, will be put to the service of fraud, as has been the case
since ICANN was conceived. 

> 2.  As a bottom-up policy-making body, ICANN relies on a distributed
> architecture for the development of policy recommendations.

Nothing ICANN has ever done, not one single piece of policy or rule
or implementation, has been the result of a bottom-up process. The
use of expressions like "bottom-up" is a fraud, a demeaning lie that
renders the use of the English language in your mouth a subterfuge,
as if the sole function of language for you was to beguile the
unsuspecting into being conned by cheap hucksters like you who dare
to take advantage of our willingness to listen and curb our
democratic ire.

> I hope that ICANN's at-large membership will help connect interested persons
> with the existing organizations and forums where consensus policies will be
> developed and discussed.

So caught up in your own lies are you that you do not even recognize
that no one, I repeat, no one is any longer taken in by your use of
the ICANN lie of consensus. There is only one meaning of "consensus"
for ICANN: the consensus of the representatives of big business who
have stolen the privatization process away from this community.

> Any member will be able to participate in the
> election process.

What election process? You have already chosen nine board members
without a membership or due democratic process, and reinstated the
interim board, against your own bylaws, by fiat. What elections are
left? The ones where the membership of ISOC, who will become the
at-large membership, will vote in more ISOC leaders to the board?

> From my perspective, the ICANN world is largely (though not entirely) > populated by individuals of good will and honorable intention who want > to work together to build a stable, robust, limited-purpose technical > coordination entity that serves the interests of the global Internet > community.

From your point of view? From the point of view of a paid defrauder,
a liar, a con artist? You can repeat the lie that ICANN is made up
of good-willed people all you want, in the end you will fool no one.
The only intentions of you and your employers are to make certain
that IBM, MCI, AT&T, and their minions at the RIRs and the IETF can
continue to hold the world ransom to their power over this medium of
communication. Go ahead, repeat "consensus", "limited purpose",
"global community" over and over and over again, your lies are
pathological, you become a demented schizophrenic who can no longer
tell the truth from his own falsifications and fantasies.

Let that be your curse, then. That you and the others who have
created this monstrous fraud with your lies become trapped by it
yourselves, and that your own lives become the lie that you have
wished on others.

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