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Re: [ga] Message from the Chair

William and everyone else,

I am not arguing that their shouldn't be rules.  I can and am willing to operate within jointly decided rules.  I am arguing and objecting to "the rules" --how they are to "govern" us,  how they are currently be implemented, and how they will might interpreted.  I think you've missed the ball William.  

Based on my readings of this list, I think there are people on the list whose mission is to pass rules so that the list can be selectively censored (without fair and valid rules of behavior in place), most likely against Jeff Williams and Joe Baptista.  This is wrong.  Both have spent countless hours participating in this list.  People like Elen, Karl, and myself are not going to stand for unjustified and unfair censorship.

So, I too will join Karl in removing myself from this discussion if we can't get a meaningful discussion going on a sole unmoderated list.

Randy Canis

>>> "William X. Walsh" <william@dso.net> 01/25 4:02 PM >>>
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On 25-Jan-2000 Ellen Rony wrote:
> William Walsh wrote:
>>The people who can only be seen on the filtered list have given up their
>>to participate for a period of time by not acting with the rules for proper
> Another example of confusion based on the terminology.
> Roberto has explained that the "filtered" list would be for good
> participants, (although one normally "filters" out troublemakers).  I
> suppose you could call it what it really is: a moderated list, e.g.,
> ga-moderated@dnso.org.
> I'll join Karl in removing myself from this discussion if you can't get a
> meaningful discussion going on a sole unmoderated list.  One of the
> freedoms of the Internet is the removal of gatekeepers to information and
> communication.  Now here is a group inserting a new set of gatekeepers.

I'm not sympathetic to this position at all.  The fact is that ANY forum has
the right to set rules of civil participation.  Just like the ORSC has its
rules, this forum has its own rules.  If you can't operate within those rules,
then you do not have a right to participate.

If you don't like that, then by all means, go somewhere like the IFWP where
anarchy reigns supreme.  I expect better from the DNSO-GA, and I'm glad to see
we were getting it.  An body who can't set rules for itself to enforce civil
behavior amongst its participants, who can't set minimum qualifications for
joining (being a real person), is a body who can't function.

Why the heck would you want that?  

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